Project Manager


Project management demands a broad range of professional skills throughout the four phases of the development process — the programming, pre-construction, construction and post-construction phases.

A Project Manager provides just such a role.  In the programming phase, spatial requirements and adjacencies are prepared. The pre-construction phase includes feasibility studies, planning and design, financing, governmental relations, marketing and site control.  In the construction phase, a thorough understanding of construction management — including scheduling, budgeting and constructibility analyses — is required.  And in the post-construction phase, comprehensive building commissioning and effective property management is demanded.

The Project Group recognizes that governments at all levels, as well as corporations and institutions everywhere,  are in a state of transformation — moving from regulatory-driven practices to market-driven ones.  Ours is an era of “downsizing” in the private sector, and “privatizing” in the public sector. Budget cutbacks and privatization have become the primary agents of change.  As a result, governmental, corporate and institutional entities — squeezed by budget cutbacks — are not able to maintain the staff required to deliver, or even effectively manage, the skills demanded in order to bring in a project on time and on budget.

The Project Group has helped fill that void for diverse clients and their various project-management needs.

While the pace toward privatization and out-sourcing is unpredictable, its implementation is inevitable. As governments, corporations and institutions respond to changing economic conditions, project management will be conducted as a bottom-line business.


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